If you are planning to tone your core for the next summer and just done with sweating away at a gym, Yoga might be your answer. These are 6 tried-and-true Yoga poses that will not only strengthen your core, but also improve the body’s flexibility and even the posture! Even though a usual workout could build your body and increase the muscle density, it cannot give you the same amazing flexibility and those sexy toned muscles Yoga guarantees.

Even if you are working out at a gym you can schedule a separate “core-day” to try out these incredible poses. Because trust me, if done properly these poses work like miracles!

But remember, if you are a novice to Yoga you have to carefully ease into these poses. The key to any successful pose is steady regulated breathing. With steady long breathing, you will feel your body relaxes and gets used to the pose however hard it is.

Bridge Pose

Lay your hands with palms facing up next to your body. Bend your knees and bring your soles close to you. Raise your hips up with a strong inhale while facing up. Inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Lower your back after 3-5 inhales for starters.

Bow Pose

Even though some might find this pose a bit difficult this is one of the most effective Yoga poses to strengthen your core. Start off lying flat facing down. Bend backwards as you bend your legs up and grab hold of your ankles. I have personally found bending your head backwards and enabling the spine to get into pose as helpful. Once again, do not forget to take deep breaths. You can start off small like with the Bridge Pose.

Wheel Pose

Definitely one of my personal favorites, the Wheel Pose deals amazingly with that annoying pouch you always wanted to get rid of. Targeted at the lower abdomen, this pose is the easiest and the most effective of all. Simply place your palms on the either sides of your head and bring your bent knees close to you. Clench your abdomen and raise your body up and keep your head bent backwards as much as possible.


Get on to all fours and align your wrists right beneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hip points. Push up and out of the earth with your toes pointing straight back. And maintain your gaze down to the ground. With one swift motion, stretch your legs back. Hold yourself in the plank and maintain the usual breathing procedure. You will feel your abs burn and tone up for the next summer!

Side Plank

Start off with the plank shown above. Simply turn your body to a side as shown in the pictures. This pose is amazing for the sides and even the love handles!

Chair Pose

Start with the mountain pose with your back straight, feet a little wide apart and hands stretched next to your body. Inhale, sweep the arms high bending the knees coming into the chair pose. Suck your abdomen in and make sure you can see your toes.

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